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We’re the DoorDash for test drives!
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Working at a hospital, I’m on call a lot, and have to stay within 30 min of work. Zapmoto brought the truck I was interested in so I could test drive it. Easy to set up an appointment and reliable. I recommend this service to everyone!
Dan L.
We have been having such a hard time getting out to test drive cars but we are in a time crunch to get a second car, so Zapmoto totally saved the day! It was easy to set up and they were very responsive an helpful. Would totally recommend!
Ashley V.
I ordered a car with zap auto online, sadly the dealership sold it minutes after my order. Someone from zap auto reached out and helped me find another car. The driver was awesome. The price of the service cost me less than a Lyft/Uber to the dealership.
Alexis L.
Getting to the dealership to test drive the car before buying is a must for me. Because of Zapmoto I can test drive the car and even get it checked out by a third party mechanic before I even walk into the dealership. Definitely would recommend it to everyone.
Reece F.
With 5 kids during a pandemic, it was so convenient to have a car brought to us and not have to juggle kids and schedules driving to a dealership. They got us scheduled within an afternoon and made the process so easy and smooth. Highly recommend this service!
Terri J.
Got to test drive a truck that was about an hour away from me without burning half a day to do it. The driver was great and since their paycheck doesn’t depend on you buying the car it was a much more relaxed test drive experience. Would use again.
Matthew S.
After sending an inquiry to test drive a vehicle, I was immediately contacted to set it up. The driver was on time and so polite. I will never buy a car again the old way. Having this service bring the car to my home for a test drive without a sales man is absolutely genius!
Katy S.
Saved me a ton of time while I was busy at work.  It would have cost me more and taken way longer to go to the dealer and wait for them to get the keys and deal with a poorly rehearsed pitch.  Will use this service again.
Jerry H.
two cars
BRING the test drive to me!⚡️
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Bring the Test Drive to me!⚡️

We’re the DoorDash for test drives!
Text  DRIVE  to  424-999-9271
or call 801-859-1870
schedule a test drive