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Zapmoto is on a mission to kill the stress of the typical car buying experience. We let you summon the car you want through our valet service, and cut through the games to buy on your terms.
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Once you find a car you are interested in,  hit us up. We'll confirm which car you want to test drive, and when and where you want your valet to meet you. For quickest scheduling, note the VIN from the car listing and click here to enter your name, number and the VIN. We will then provide a free, no-obligation quote to deliver your test drive (starts at $9, depending on distance and road conditions).

You can also text 'zap me' + the VIN to 424-999-9271.

Off in a flash.

When you say 'go', our professional, vetted valet driver will bring you the car for a 20 minute test drive. You can open it up on the highway, poke under the hood, and look it over carefully without the awkward small talk. If you want to buy it, Zapmoto can get you the dealer's "out-the-door" price and put you in touch to finish it up. Or just send it back and think it over while you enjoy the time you saved.
off in flash

Bring the Test Drive to me!⚡️

We’re the DoorDash for test drives!
Text  DRIVE  to  424-999-9271
or call 801-859-1870
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BRING the test drive to me!⚡️
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