3 surefire ways to save time buying your next car

November 19, 2021

It’s already been 3 hours and you still haven’t left. The initial test drive and meeting with a salesperson are just the beginning; hours of paperwork, financing, and twiddling thumbs in the waiting room stand between you and your new vehicle. In recent months, time wasted at car dealerships has become a nationwide conversation; the average car deal takes 3.6 hours to close on average(J.D. Powers). For most Americans, traditional car buying has become lengthy and inefficient.

Below we’ll run you through some sure steps to shorten your time spent at the car dealership:

1. Know your needs beforehand

Look online. Start local. Search for strings like “used cars for sale in salt lake city” or “new cars for sale in utah valley” to get an idea of inventory near you. Do you need an SUV? An economy friendly sedan? A truck to carry cargo? Know your vehicle needs ahead of time and know which cars fit them and which ones don’t.

Check your local dealerships after hours to get an idea of which cars are in stock and which ones aren’t (many dealers bait and switch you with cars that don’t exist). If you order a test drive with Zapmoto, we’ll vet the dealership ahead of time to make sure the vehicle they have listed actually exists.

2. Order a test drive without a salesman

Test drives are powerful; they help you get a real idea of how a vehicle performs and provide insight to its potential to meet your needs. Don’t make the mistake of taking a test drive with a salesman on board. Car Salesmen are driven by commissions: you buy, they get paid. Doing a test drive with a Salesman in the passenger seat increases your chances of buying something you don’t want. Cars are a big investment. Let the vehicle sell itself. Test drive your car without a salesman.

3. Pay up front

Financing takes ages; dealers have you mull through piles of paperwork and do all they can to convince you you’re getting a good deal in spite of the fat interest premium they plan to charge you. Don’t fall for the tricks. Pay up front if you can. If you need to lease the vehicle, make a plan. You should aim to pay your car off ASAP to avoid high interest rates. When you’re negotiating your financing with the dealer, remember that the power is in your hands. Their success depends on whether the vehicle sells or not; if you refuse to buy at asking price, many dealers will bend over backwards to meet your demand within reason. Run the numbers so you know how much you’ll actually be paying. The more you pay now and the less you leave for the backend the better. Save your wallet by investing early.


The tips above are a great start to save you significant time and money at car dealerships. There will always be some pain involved; that’s just the nature of traditional car buying. Hate traditional car buying? Well, so do we.  Zapmoto cuts the time spent driving to and from a dealership, vets dealer inventory for you, and allows you to test drive the whip of your choice without a salesman in minutes. Don’t hesitate, give us a Zap.